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Ashes to Asheville

Ashes to Asheville is real-time weekly serial novel being published exclusively online by The Asheville Citizen-Times, the major daily newspaper in Asheville, North Carolina. A new chapter/installment of the story is written by, and published on, every Thursday morning. This podcast is read by N. John Shore, Jr., the author of Ashes.


Aug 25, 2016

Laurel is rescued in a way that changes her life.

Aug 18, 2016

After a night of Wyatt's beating her, Laurel literally takes her life into her hands by attempting to escape from the motel room in which she's being held captive.

Aug 11, 2016

Tammy, Todd, Maggie, and Leslie (Todd and Maggie's mother) meet a young woman along with her boyfriend, who is clearly abusing her. They do what they can to help the young woman, and plan to do more.

Aug 4, 2016

Tammy meets Todd and Maggie's father, Frank. She also recieves an upsetting phone call from a former student.