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Ashes to Asheville

Ashes to Asheville is real-time weekly serial novel being published exclusively online by The Asheville Citizen-Times, the major daily newspaper in Asheville, North Carolina. A new chapter/installment of the story is written by, and published on, every Thursday morning. This podcast is read by N. John Shore, Jr., the author of Ashes.


Dec 29, 2016

Tammy knows.

Dec 22, 2016

Broke, exhausted, feeling severely underappreciated, Tammy isn't having a very merry Christmas. Then, suddenly, she is.

Dec 8, 2016

Tammy meets with Laurel, who has some huge news to share.

Dec 1, 2016

Relief. Hope.

Nov 17, 2016

Tammy has a nightmare, in which Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton appear.